Marathon Leagues at Waco axe Co

Marathon League is when the equivalent of a season is thrown in one day! Which means 28 games with a double elimination tournament at the end. Each season we will do our best to offer a Marathon League for each discipline (standard hatchet, big axe, duals and knives). These typically happen on the weekend.
Anyone can participate in a Marathon League. If an individual can not participate in the regular throwing season that meets for 8 weeks this is a great alternative where you can “throw your league in one day” ! Most often the participants are folks that just have big love for throwing and can never get enough. It’s a great time to really focus on your throw and gain improvement in your skill.

Summer 2023

Throw It To Grow it Marathon Tournament

July 15th 9:30am Standard Hatchet & Duals

July 16th 9:30am Big Axe & Knives