Tournaments are similar to league play. They vary in their design and need to be booked with at least two days notice. The standard WATL double elimination bracket can be set up to see who is the bet thrower. This model is fantastic for competitive groups of people that want to see who is definitively the best thrower. We at Waco Axe Company have created a unique tournament play that is great for large groups of people that may have only thrown a couple of times or haven’t thrown at all. Throwers will be grouped into 3-4 teams consisting of 3-6 throwers. Each thrower plays 4 games (just like league night) and they will be trying to rack up as many points for their team. The team with the cumulative high score walks away with the victory and bragging rights among their friends.


Past Winners Include:

Battle of the Breweries - Southern Roots

Battle of the Badges - Fire Department